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Garage Door Residential Horizontal Track

Horizontal Upper TrackGarage Door Residential Horizontal Track – A piece of upper track that is reinforced with a piece of angle that is used to both guide and support the door in the horizontal position. This attaches to the vertical track with a flag bracket.

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Garage Door Shield

Garage Door ShieldBurglaries happen everyday. Every 13 seconds a home intrusion happens, 2,500+ cars are stolen everyday… that is almost 2 cars every minute and 85% of break-ins are from non-professionals that are usually more desperate and dangerous.

What can be done to protect your home?

The Garage Door Shield will prevent the garage door emergency release lever from being pulled and then opening the garage door from the driveway by deflecting the coat hanger or hook.

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Residential Garage Door Hinges

Residential Garage Door Hinges – Graduated hinges, which are attached to the end stile of the garage door sections to carry rollers. This allows for section breaks as a garage door operates

garage door hinges garage door hinges garage door hinges
  • 14 gauge galvanized
  • Commercial quality

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Garage Door Support Strut

Garage Door Support Strut – This support strut is designed to “stiffen” the metal garage door sections and make them stronger.  This will help the garage door garage door support strutlast longer especially if a garage door opener is attached to the garage door. Sometimes the garage door support strut is used to “band-aid” a garage door temporarily by placing it on a second or third section to hold it together if it is bending or flopping as the garage door is moving.

A garage door support strut

  • Should be placed on the top section of all metal garage doors including a small 8′ garage door
  • 3″ – 16 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Can be cut to size of garage door

Customers can buy this product at our Plano Showroom. Bring a vehicle or truck that is big enough to take this product home safely!

Residential Garage Door Vertical Track

Residential Garage Door Vertical TrackResidential Garage Door Vertical Track – Track assembly mounted to door jambs to guide and support a sectional garage door in the “closed” or “vertical” position.

  • Vertical replacement tracks for 7′ high garage doors
  • Universal – can be used on either side of the garage door
  • Galvanized steel Construction

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Garage Door Inside Slide Lock

Residential Garage Door Inside Slide Lock – Spring loaded, sliding deadbolt lock operated only from interior of the door. When the garage door opener malfunctions, the inside slide lock locks the garage door in place by pushing the lever thru a hole in the vertical track.

garage door inside slide lock

  • Zinc plated finish
  • Universal 2″ slide lock
  • Fits 2″ track
  • Spring activated

Garage Door Lubrication

Garage Door Lubrication 15 and 8 oz sizeGarage Door Lubrication – This product is used to lubricate the garage door rollers, hinges and torsion springs located above your garage door. It does not have silicone’s so it will not attract dirt and debris. Our recommendation is quarterly once every 3 months. It will quiet down the noise from the rollers as well as the hinges. It has a special 3-way nozzle to reach the torsion springs without a ladder!

  • Lubricates and Protects
  • Stops Rust and Corrosion
  • Loosens Frozen Parts
  • Displaces Moisture

There are two different sizes available: large 15 oz and small 8 oz. The spray can will last 3 or more years and will not go bad from sitting in the garage.

Learn how to lubricate your garage door

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Residential Operator Reinforcement Bracket

operator reinforcement bracketOperator Reinforcement Bracket – ORB for short. Use with residential garage door operators. The ORB can only be used on a steel garage door with a center stile. This will give it the strength and “Reinforce” the top section where the garage door opener attaches.

  • Over time the center stile or (middle of the top section) will weaken.
  • The ORB is a perfect part to strengthen the center stile and get many more years of use from the garage door.
  • Easy to install..Every DIY’er can install in under 10 minutes!


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Residential Torsion Spring Garage Door Cables

7 foot torsion spring cables
residential torsion spring garage door cables - 8 foot

Residential Torsion Spring Garage Door Cables – The residential torsion spring garage door cables are used to raise and lower the garage door. They are attached to the bottom brackets and the drums. Sold as a pair.

Two sizes available so measure how tall the garage door is. The 2 sizes available are for a 7′ tall garage door (black) and 8′ tall garage door (Blue).

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Residential Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal

Garage door bottom weathersealResidential Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal – garage door bottom seals are made of durable weather resistant vinyl

  • For use with universal retainer

Garage door bottom weatherseal

  • Flexible PVC
  • Ribbed on one side; other side smooth
  • Color – black
  • Works with these manufacturers: Doorlink, Mid America, CHI, Amarr

Garage Door WeathersealWindsor Residential Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal

  • “P” style garage door bottomseal
  • Only fits Windsor Garage Doors

All residential garage door weatherseals are not created the same.  It is very helpful to bring a picture in of the bottomseal of your garage door. Or take a picture of the inside of the garage door so we can see the end stiles (where the hinges and rollers are). When you do this our technicians will know who the manufacturer of your garage door is. This is the only way to match bottomseal to your garage door.

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