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Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Three quick and easy tests that can identify small problems in the long term performance of your garage door.

Visual test for garage door  Balance test for garage door  Reversal test for garage door Read More→

Are Your Garage Door Torsion Springs Balanced Properly?

How hard can it really be to balance your garage door torsion springs and know if they are the right one(s) for the garage door…..

broken garage door springThere are many schools of thought about garage door torsion springs and their replacement.  Numerous websites and videos showing you how to change them yourself, using galvanized or oil soaked, some will count the number of coils within a certain measurement to determine the wire diameter of the torsion spring, some will use a spring gauge to determine the wire diameter of the torsion spring, and some will look at the color coding i.e. yellow, red, green etc. This can be somewhat overwhelming to an untrained service technician or “Do it Yourselfer”.  It looks simple enough …how hard can it really be??? Read More→