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June is Garage Door Safety Month

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Fan Fest 2015 – Rain or Shine

A very special Guest will be helping us kick offKris with Tony Dorsett former Dallas Cowboy Player #33

Fan Fest 2015 Arrow Dark Red for Garage Door Repair

We are so excited to share that former Dallas Cowboys player, Heisman Trophy winner and Hall of Fame inductee, #33 Tony Dorsett will be helping us kick-off this special event on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at Noon.

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Little Hinges Swing Big Garage Doors

builder grade hinge and commercial hingeLittle hinges swing big garage doors …Small in size, hinges are essential to the proper function of your garage door. Should they break or wear out, opening the garage will be difficult, if not impossible. Even worse, broken hinges can cause serious damage to the garage door itself. Look for signs of deterioration and get them fixed before you are faced with a major repair bill. Read More→

Garage Door Safety for The Holidays

Garage Door Safety for the holidays 5 tipsGarage door safety for the holidays is often overlooked because every year during the holiday season we are so busy shopping for gifts, going to Christmas parties, attending our children’s recitals and so much more.  Our plates are so full that we tend to “forget to”… fill in the blank). Read More→

Garage Door Rollers – Like Nails on a Chalkboard…

Garage door sound

Loud – Squealing – Screeching
Garage Door Rollers
Can drive a homeowner Crazy…

Every Garage door has them and most people don’t know what they are or what to call them. It’s the part of the garage door that helps it go up and down everyday.

What I’m talking about are Garage Door Rollers or “Wheels”. There are several different kinds of rollers for a garage door, nylon (plastic) rollers, 7 ball bearing steel rollers, 10 ball bearing steel rollers and 11 ball bearing neoprene rollers. Garage door rollers are an intrical part of a working garage door in that if they are not “rolling” damage can happen to the garage door as well as the garage door opener. Read More→