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DIY Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

In this day of DIY or Do It Yourself, here are three quick and easy DIY garage door maintenance tests that you can do to identify small problems in the long term performance of your garage door.

DIY Garage Door Maintenance Checklist #1
DIY Garage Door Maintenance Checklist #2
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Why Does My Garage Door Open On It’s Own?

“I know I shut my garage door” or “I was sitting in my family room and heard my garage door open and no one used the remote to open it!” … No your not going crazy. Sometimes garage doors will open and close mysteriously.  It’s really not a mystery because something (or someone) will cause it to open or close. When a garage door opens on it’s own, trying to figure out the mystery may be more challenging so our lead Service Technician Dan Shearrer has listed below several reasons why your garage door may open on it’s own.

Do I need to call Ghostbusters?

  • Garage Door Dip SwitchesAn Old Opener with Dip Switches – someone may have a remote that has the same sequence of switches that you have.
  • A Rotating Code Opener –  the chances of somebody having the same code as you are less, but still possible. You can change the sequence of switches on your opener and match them on your remote to change your code and with a rotating code opener you can clear all the old coding and recode your remotes.
  • A Pinched Wire That Controls The Wall Button – If the wiring runs through the ceiling and comes out at the wall button it may have a break in the wire somewhere causing the door to activate if the wires have become exposed and touch each other.
  • A Faulty Wall Console – First disconnect the wiring from the wall console and see if this solves the issue and if so replace the wall button. If the issue is still there check the wiring for theGarage Door Open on it's own wall console.  To check if the wiring is bad simply disconnect the wall button wire from the back of the motor if the door stops opening by itself then you know the wiring is bad. If this stops the issue then a new wall button wire needs to be installed. It can be run externally by stapling the wire along the ceiling and down the wall to the wall button.
  • A Faulty Circuit Board – If all the other methods listed above have not corrected the issue then the circuit board may be bad on the opener. Depending on the age of the opener sometimes the circuit board can be replaced. If the opener is older replacement parts may not be available any longer and the entire garage door opener may need to be replaced. If your in the market for a new garage door opener click here to see what is available.

Recently we had a customer in McKinney call because her garage door would “open on it’s own” and come to find out they had left a remote on top of the dog kennel. When the dog jumped on top of it he would hit the button on the remote. Now the garage door of course will open but the dog wasn’t smart enough to close it!

Garage Door Opens On It's OwnSO….. the last tip is make sure there is No Garage Door Remote in a drawer or on the counter where it can be bumped or pushed by accident.

After checking everything in the garage and the garage door open on it’s own, Call a Garage Door Professional that has the ability to look in places you may not be aware of to solve the mystery.

Garage Door Open on it's ownDan Shearrer is a Service Technician for A1 Affordable Garage Door Services and has been out in the field serving our customers for over 5 years. He can usually figure out any problem the homeowner may be having with the garage door or the garage door opener.

Inside The Huddle Dallas Cowboys

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June is Garage Door Safety Month

june is garage door safety month Read More→

Garage Door Safety for The Holidays

Garage Door Safety for the holidays 5 tipsGarage door safety for the holidays is often overlooked because every year during the holiday season we are so busy shopping for gifts, going to Christmas parties, attending our children’s recitals and so much more.  Our plates are so full that we tend to “forget to”… fill in the blank). Read More→

4th Annual Plano Christmas Cops Networking Event

Stop by for our 4th Annual Plano Christmas Cops Networking event on December 4th from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Help us hit our goal of 100 bikes for the families of Plano.  Our goal is to bring a smile and excitement back to a young child’s life when receiving a bike for Christmas.  Our 4th annual Plano Christmas Cops Networking Event has grown over the years with the help of the Plano Chamber of Commerce and their members donations…and this year the Richardson Chamber of Commerce and their members are helping us to achieving our goal. Read More→

Are Your Garage Door Torsion Springs Balanced Properly?

How hard can it really be to balance your garage door torsion springs and know if they are the right one(s) for the garage door…..

broken garage door springThere are many schools of thought about garage door torsion springs and their replacement.  Numerous websites and videos showing you how to change them yourself, using galvanized or oil soaked, some will count the number of coils within a certain measurement to determine the wire diameter of the torsion spring, some will use a spring gauge to determine the wire diameter of the torsion spring, and some will look at the color coding i.e. yellow, red, green etc. This can be somewhat overwhelming to an untrained service technician or “Do it Yourselfer”.  It looks simple enough …how hard can it really be??? Read More→

Garage Door Safety Fair at A1 Affordable Garage Door Services

Thank you to all who came out for our annual Garage Door Safety Fair.


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National Garage Door Safety Month

National Garage Door Safety Month
June 2014

Did you know the month Safety Cat LiftMaster Garage Door Safetyof June is National Garage Door Safety Month?  Why is it important to check your garage door?  Well, it is the largest moving wall in your home and on average a garage door opens and closes two – four times everyday.  If the garage door opens that many times everyday, over time, parts start to wear out, torsion springs lose tension and openers need lubrication.

To help parents and children understand how important it is to check your garage door annually click on the link, Read More→

Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage Door safety tips

Garage Door Safety Tips – Is your Garage Door Safe?

During the past several months, there has been significant publicity within various media regarding garage door break-ins.  In response, a variety of security recommendations have been provided by dealers and others.  Many of these recommendations, including the use of zip-ties, contradict UL-325 and are in violation of federal regulations. Click on the link below to learn tips on garage door safety tips and how to be safe and secure.  Always remember to be aware of all your surroundings in and around your home. Read More→